Plant Based Bodies

What is plant based bodies? 

Simply put they are training programs and meal plans. We at Plant Based Bodies are very determined to help you live a plant based lifestyle and thrive as an ethical, sustainable and healthy individual.

Plant Based Bodies training programs and meal plans are designed to help you transition into a plant based lifestyle. Each program and meal plan is curated with specific goals in mind and performance always at the forefront of our minds.

The three training programs are muscle gain, fat loss and feel good. Each are designed to help you be plant based without sacrificing any aspects of your health and fitness. 

Through market research, individuals are often very hesitant to take the plunge into a plant based way of living because they think that its going to be an inadequate diet for their current lifestyle and/or goals. I don't blame people for thinking this, as we have been conditioned to have these thoughts. Marketing tactics from the meat and dairy industry are huge drivers in these notions. Similarly, a lot of inadequate information is thrown around throughout social media and this information gets taken very seriously.

The harsh truth is that a plant based lifestyle is better for the environment, for the animals (duh) and for your own health. No you wont become deficient in key nutrients and no you wont be a weak and frail human. In fact your recovery, performance and physique will be better than ever. Without the inflammation in your body from a meat based diet you will notice significant positive changes.  The lack of saturated fats will also see you notice changes in your lean body mass. Moreover you will notice that you can eat more food (whole food plant based sources) and still reach all your goals. Those coffee kicks you need constantly because of fatigue you can also say goodbye to as eating a plant based lifestyle will give you more energy. Why? Because the readily available nutrients in the food is so dense.

What do we need from you? Commitment and consistency. Here at Plant Based Bodies we preach progress over perfection. We do this so that your stress is lessened and your goals seem more achievable. We just want your journey to be as smooth as it can be.

So that is it. Simple, easy training and nutritional guidance aimed at transitioning you into a plant based lifestyle. 

Lets all work together to make a more sustainable future.