Amelia Marni

Name: Amelia Marni

Instagram: @ameliamarni

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Country: Australia


Who are you and what do you do?

I’m in the middle of a Nutritional and dietetic medicine degree. My main income comes from Instagram, YouTube and my vegan ebook.


Why are you a vegan?

When I started my Visual arts major work in year 11 I was creating fake “taxidermies” that were half human and animal, exploring the ways in which animals are exploited and relied on in our society. It then dawned on me that I couldn’t choose to love one species but allow the others to suffer for my own hunger. I think once you go vegan for one reason you usually get inspired by other aspects. For example I am now so much more aware of my global footprint and the environmental impacts of agriculture/farming. I then became aware of the spiritual aspect, I believe if an animal or any living being lives a life of suffering and torture they will create toxins in their body from the depression, anxiety and other illnesses. If you consume that being you are also absorbing their toxins! So I guess I’m vegan mainly for the animals but also the environment and health.



How do you feel being vegan?

I feel proud! Haha I feel strong, happy, healthy, clean and everything in between!


What do you find most difficult about being vegan?

Umm maybe the guilt. I feel guilty when I don’t achieve my own standards of what a “perfect” vegan is. Wether that may be supporting a brand that is fast fashion or catching lots of planes. I know these things don’t necessarily define as a vegan, but for me being a vegan is a way of life and it’s an outlook too. I wish I could be a perfect eco-friendly warrior! 


What is your favourite meal?

Any kind of earth bowls! Just loads of good stuff in a bowl! (Check out my ebook “" hehe bitta self promotion here… BUT there’s a whole section in there on “Earth bowls”.


Why do you think going vegan is good?

Better for the animals, the planet, your soul and your health!


Is it hard to transition into a vegan way of living?

Yes! I took it step by step about 7 years ago from pescatarian, vegetarian and now vegan. However I am still growing as a vegan and transitioning into a better version of an eco-friendly warrior!!!!!


Please write out your favourite vegan meal!

MY GO-TO EARTH BOWL! (from my ebook)

  • Spinach
  • Tempeh
  • Brown rice
  • Roasted chickpeas
  • Vegan aioli or hummus
  • Sweet potato



Lastly, what is your favourite form of exercise?

I love reformer pilates! Boxing, weights for booty workouts and a bit of cardio.