Courtney Levin

Name: Courtney Levin

Instagram: @courtneylevin_

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Country: Australia


Who are you and what do you do?

I am a Post-Grad Primary Education Student, studying to become a Primary School Teacher


Why are you a vegan?

I am vegan because of the environmental, health and ethical benefits and to ensure my actions have positive (rather than negative) implications on the planet.


How do you feel being vegan?

I feel amazing! I hardly ever: get sick; feel “gross” after eating a meal like I used to before I was vegan; feel low on energy or feel guilty about what I choose to buy or eat!


What do you find most difficult about being vegan?
I find it difficult accepting that not everyone can see (or wants to see) the benefits of being vegan. I hate that so many people are missing out on the amazing benefits of living this way.


What is your favourite meal?

I don’t have just one! But my favourite treats to make are brownies or cake!


Why do you think going vegan is good?

So many health and environmental implications can be prevented, reduced or completely eradicated by being vegan. Also, knowing that you are saving the lives of so many living creatures from suffering and death is so rewarding. Animals are friends, not food J


Is it hard to transition into a vegan way of living?

NOT AT ALL. Before I became aware of veganism, I used to classify myself as a ‘carnivore’. I ate meat twice a day, as well as eggs and dairy products. I would also purchase many animal-based products such as leather shoes and bags. Once I learnt about the consequences of these decisions, I became vegetarian overnight. It was super easy to switch my most loved meals like sausages, burgers, pizza, spaghetti, sushi etc. for plant-based alternatives. After about 12 months I finally managed to give up dairy. I eat plant-based ice cream, cheese, butter etc. and it’s safe to say I will never ever go back!


Please write out your favourite vegan meal!

Jamie Oliver’s “Epic Vegan Chocolate Cake”


Lastly, what is your favourite form of exercise?

I love doing a mix of different types of exercise, but my favourite is weight training.