Blend Love - Gold Coast

A smoothie bowl is an art and can easily be ruined if the ingredients are not of quality. Also, the smoothie bowl has to be made by a smoothie bowl crafter. 

Its important to always use nourishing and delicious ingredients so you're packing an energy punch into your bowl! 

I always look for one with berries, a vegan protein and nuts or seeds.

Blend Love was an amazing experience. Not only is the whole cafe vegan but the staff are so friendly, loving and knowledgeable about their products.

The smoothie bowl was thick, not too sweet and was topped with fresh fruit. 

The only criticism is that some of the toppings were applied very strictly and I was forced to go and purchase extra toppings. Nonetheless this small criticism was made up by the bowls taste and texture. 

You may be thinking that it is impossible to ruin a smoothie bowl but just one wrong ingredient can throw the bowls texture, taste and experience off. 

I rate this bowl a whopping 8.5/10. I was very hungry but even so, it was delicious and I couldn't fault much about it.