Crust Pizza 2.0

So Crust have always had two vegan options but now they have four!! They're incredible too!!

The peri peri and smokey jackfruit were my two favourites as I'm a sucker for saucy jackfruit flavours! 

Another standout was their scallop pizza (yes it was vegan still) using an interesting ingredient called heart of gold. Keep an eye out for this ingredient, it will be the next jackfruit I think!

All in all Crust have improved their vegan game and would now compete with the likes of Gigi's in Newtown!! Which is saying something!! Oh and Crust have the most amazing vegan garlic bread!! Just saying...

I would score Crust vegan pizza's a total of 8/10. The only reason they have lost some points is because the peri peri jackfruit was the tiniest bit too saucy! Yes too saucy!