Gathered Kitchen - Glebe NSW

Berry pancakes, a nourishing breakfast bowl, smashed avocado, smoothies and flakey vegan croissants. Oh and commendable coffee too.

A combination of amazing breakfast options. 

The berry pancakes were light and fluffy, and packed full of delicious rich berry flavours, with just the right amount maple syrup on the side. 7.5/10

The nourishing breakfast bowl with tempeh and maple glazed pumpkin was a dish worth writing home about. Why? Because the pumpkin was amazing and worked with the whole dish, especially the black rice. Although the rest of the ingredients were a little bland and were not created to be tasty, but healthy. Which is fine but if I am going out for a breakfast I want something I can't create. 6.5/10

The smashed avocado was fresh and generously portioned with great toasted sourdough. Although it lacked seasoning and pzaz. 7/10

The flakey vegan croissant was buttery, soft and flavoursome. The best vegan substitute of a non vegan dish that I have had. 9/10

The experience as a whole, 8/10.