Momo Bar

First off I will start by saying this place offers up the most wonderful, decadent and nourishing poke bowls. Not to mention their serving sizes are actually decent. Unlike every other chain and pop up poke bowl restaurant.

What do I mean when I say serving sizes are decent. I mean you walk away with a satisfied belly full of vegan goodness. I am someone who rarely walks away from a restaurant full so let me tell you that these bowls really deliver. 

The vegan poke bowl is packed full of healthy fresh ingredients all the way up to their house made sauces. Their dumpling are hand made and their vegan broth is as wholesome as it comes. 

The ambience is, quaint and cute but if you're looking for a great date night spot the Dee Why store is your best bet. This is because the Manly restaurant is a casual dining outside on the beach kind of vibe. Nonetheless this is how I like eating.  The place where you can rock up to wearing no shoes and still be served. 

So the verdict…10/10 I honestly cant fault this place which is lovely.