Nutie - Surry Hills, Sydney, NSW

Ah Nutie, the place where delicious vegan doughnuts were birthed. Ill also add that Nutie birthed delicious vegan treats. They did it with perfect execution if you ask me.

This humble little store packs a lot excitement into your day. It sit quaintly in the heart of Surry Hills and in Autumn the cool breeze blows whilst leaves fall at your feet.

Ok, to the stuff you care about. The staff at Nutie are always bubbly and I mean bubbly. The chefs are amazing, and the menu is always exciting because their knowledge of food and their vegan gastronomy is next level. The staff here will ALWAYS make you feel incredibly welcomed, and they will run you through their entire menu if you have any queries about anything at all. Trust me, I've done it before.

I digress...Their cakes, sweets, and savoury items on their menu are all out of this world. That right, ALL OUT OF THIS WORLD. I believe this quality is a true lost art. Too many restaurants try and focus on just perfecting one thing whether it be sweet, savoury or even just burgers or pizza. But no, Nutie offers you a whole damn experience.

Fun fact, my favourite taco ever....yep you guess it!!! Is from Nutie. They aren't even a vegan Mexican restaurant yet they have the most phenomenal tasting tacos! I will travel 2 hours just to get this.

How can I describe it to you...Well, close your eyes and picture yourself on a white sandy beach with the sun beaming down on you. You're hungry, you're tired and you want something delicious. You take your first bite and you realise why they invented romantic comedy movies. Yes that is how good these taste.

As for the doughnuts, what they're known for, my favourite is the cookie monster and original cinnamon! I'm a simple man, with simple pleasure, yet Nutie taught me to love the indulgent side of life.