Nutie's PHAT BOI Fried Doughnuts - Balmain, Sydney

A warm crispy and crunchy delight presses itself upon your lips and transports you into a wonderful world of rainbows, sunshine and unicorns. You can fly and dance with fairies. You're full of glee and basking in the joy of life...

This is what these doughnuts can do to a man, or a woman. 

PHAT BOI doughnuts fried in sizzling oil then drowned in a yuzu glaze or classic cinnamon sugar. They have a decibel reading when you bite into it because they're so crunchy and crispy. Eaten warm they melt on your lips ridding you of dried lips. As it reaches your taste buds your eyes glow and nostrils flare as the olfactory sensation is just as delectable. Then finally the gulp down of this moist, doughy goodness is just like an authority figures hug. 

I digress... the cinnamon coasted PHAT BOI was my favourite, because I love the nostalgic smell of cinnamon coated dough on a cool springs day. Both were phenomenal and really do take doughnut to a whole new level. 

Not only were these doughnuts huge, but they really lived up to the standards set by geometrically round cakes around the world. 

Fluffy, crunchy, tasty, smelly (in a good way), heavy, satisfying and most importantly....satiating! Kidding, most importantly....VEGAN!