SHIFT eatery - Surry Hills

A quaint little gem found in the heart of Surry Hills boasts a robust vegan menu worth the visit. 

A vegan menu like no other really because they specialise in funky toasties. 

Straight out of the bat I will say that the hospitality could improve. Why? Shift was an OG in the vegan game and they kind of act they way. Instead of being welcoming and homely they treat you like a person who is about to give them money. No one wants to feel that way. 

Secondly, ORDER THE DAMN TOASTIES!! No other menu items really stack up against the vegan deli made toasties! I say this with emphasis because all the other lunch time menu items, such as all the nourishing bowl as just too small for anyone wanting to feel full and satisfied after eating a salad. I mean that too, everyone agrees they are too small! They pack amazing flavour into the nourishing bowls but they really let themselves down by not giving us enough - especially for the price tag!

So which toasties do I recommend? The mushroom toastie is a must for any first timer, and then you can move into the more rambunctious ones! My other favourites are the club sandwich and the breakfast bagel! Both pack themselves full of flavour and are large enough! Although again, I reiterate, they are too expensive for what they are! Don't get me wrong I love the vegan option, the accessibility and the vegan gastronomy! However I don't like the exuberant price tag just because its vegan! 

Lastly, their smoothies are EXCELLENT but again they're $10 for a stock standard water cup's worth of smoothie!! Its stealing money from you, I am disappointed at this.

All in all a cool little place, for a work lunch! Super easy and accessible! On top of that its a great takeaway spot - ideal for business folk who are on the go!

Will I go back? Of course! 

Is it the best spot in town? No.