The Green Lion

From the moment you walk into this pub you immediately feel comfortable and welcomed. It boats old, homely and quaint furniture with a very relaxed vibe.

Not the mention the staff are all amazing and beautiful. They’re all down for a chat and will help you pick something to eat.

Now to the menu. It is an extensive menu full of vegan goodness. Yes, all vegan goodness as this is the first plant-based pub in Australia.

Every pub favourite you can think of they make. Except their spin on it…cruelty free.

Now I don’t eat this food every day, nor would I recommend eating it every day. It is all fried, packed to the rafters with seasoning, salt and sugar, and is definitely a sometimes food. Although all that aside, it’s well worth the indulgence because the vegan gastronomy they are creating here is astounding.

We ordered the chicken schnitzel, mums home-made lasagne, the green mac and the seafood share plate.

My verdict for the main meals? 7/10

However, my verdict for the desserts? 9/10 

Altogether a nice and humble 8/10